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Destination: Saravane Province

General Information

: In the southern of Laos

Total Area
: 10,691 square meters

: 300,000

08 Districts
: Saravane, Ta Oy, Toumlane, Lakhonepheng, Vapy, Khongxadone, Lao Ngarm and Samouay

: Saravane

The area was previously volcanic and is characterized by striking mountainous landscapes with wide vistas. Travelers can visit some of this still relatively isolated district, where the ethnic people maintain their traditional life styles. The Bolaven Plateau is an important agricultural base. Its wide range of climate zones and fertile volcanic soil has made it a major producer of coffee and various other fruits and horticultural corps for exports

Saravane City

It’s a capital, administrative, economic and cultural center of Saravane Province; it is located on the Riverbank of Sedone River. In the past Saravane town was completely burned and destroyed during Indochina war in 1971. Nowadays the town has been rehabilitated and developed steadily under the well-designed urban development plan. The remains of two French style buildings from the French colonial time are still found in Saravane. Besides a colorful Market, there are hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, shops, handicraft center and others
You can play Petung with the local people sportive at 5:00 pm beside the market

Toumlane District

Toumlane is 48 km from Saravane town; it is among the oldest district in Saravane Province, where the road No. 23 constructed during the French colonial time is passing by to Muong Phin (Savannakhet Province). This road has not been used since 1950; it’s in the very bad condition
The local ethnic living in this district is mostly Katang, some Lao Lum and other. They are living basically on lowland rice cultivation combining with some highland cash crops, livestock, poultry and famous traditional textiles

Ta Oy and Samouay Districts

Ta Oy and Samouay Districts are located in geographically mountainous region, from Saravane to Ta Oy is 80 km and to Samouay is about 160 km passing through Ta Oy district. The road conditios is not so good. There is a checkpoint for two countries )Laos and Vietnam) in Samouay. This checkpoint is used only for Laotian and Vietnamese citizens and not allowed for foreign tourists. During the war, the road in Ta Oy, Samouay and Toumlane used to be the famous Ho Chi Minh trail and there are loys of bomb craters and unexploded ordinance (UXO). The local Ethnic living in these regions are Ta Oy, Katang, Pako, kado and Kanay, which are mostly living on slash-and-born cultivation and collecting forest products

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