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The ecotourism Pilot Project, Savannakhet has now been going for one year since its commencement in December 2001.  Ecotourism is a major growth industry through out the world, involving many kinds of stakeholders, serving different purposes and generating considerable amounts of revenues

The activities or sites that would be provided are :

Xaiphonuthong District

Make boat tour, can set up a route for bicycle caravan

Stone house, That phon stupa (the same sacred level as That Inhang stupa)

Mekong River, the place for sugar making

Songkone District

Local products, Lao cotton in Ban phak Kha. Shirts production and embroidery in Ban XeBanghiang. Phouthai ethnic group, Pha'saeng caves, Jek cave, Falang caves. Carnivorous dinosaur fossils

Phin District

River line, NBCA, historical sites, wildlife and natural view, ethic minority, waterfalls.
Ho chi Minh trail

Vilaboli District

Good natural view, the origin of Phouthai ethnic group.
Gold mine

Xepone District

Beautiful river lines, waterfalls. Wldlife, Thamponrng cave. Gold panning in river.

Champhone District

Soft shell turtle pond. Monkey forest in beautiful nature. Jungle temple

Xonbouli District

Dinosaur discovery site. The origin of Tangwaiy folk song. Excellent example of dry dipterocarp forest 100 000 000 year old turtle

Thapangthong District

Phou Hong mountain with natural view. Xebangnouane NBCA Views from Phu Tin Tok

Nong District

The cave of ancient Khmer temple. Unique fish specie (Paakhanyonrng) Ho Chi Minh trail

Contact information : Lao Tourism Organization.
Address :                  Sethathirat Road, Sisaket Village, Chanthaboury District, Vientiane, Lao PDR.
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