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Ecotourism sites


Once the capital of Lane Xang, in the latter years of that empire's greatness, Vientiane was devastated many times by Burmese and Vietnamese invaders, before finally being levelled by the Siamese in 1828 ...

Luang Prabang

Tourist interest in Luang Prabang has grown dramatically since it was listed as a world Heritage site in 1998. The town has relatively good infrastructure, with guesthouses, quality hotels and direct air services from Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Vientiane.


Champasak was once, 1400 years ago, the centre of power in the lower Mekong basin, later a revered outpost of the Khmer Angkor empire and, later still, one of the three kingdoms to rule over the remains of Lane Xang ...


The town offers spectacular views of the river, a few shops, restaurants and massage and steam bath. Accommodation options include some relative high-end properties through to basic backpacker facilities. The town has attracted some foreign investment and it was reported that investors would like additional services such as improved roads and infrastructure.


The ecotourism Pilot Project, Savannakhet has now been going for one year since its commencement in December 2001.  Ecotourism is a major growth industry through out the world, involving many kinds of stakeholders, serving different purposes and generating considerable amounts of revenues.

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