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Vehicles used in Laos

During travel in Laos, you can use :


Taking a bus in Laos is an experience not to be missed.  Expect to share this form of public transport not only with Laotians, but also what they are taking and bringing to market - that means all kinds of vegetable produce, and live animals as well.  Every time a bus stops, children will board with all kinds of interesting things to eat - not the kind of food that you would expect to find on restaurant menus!

Buses travel between all major towns and cities - the type of bus may vary between a converted pickup truck, a flat bed truck with benches or a more modern traditional bus,  Fares are always reasonable - but times of departure and traveling times will vary a lot.   Be patient, and allow plenty of time when traveling by bus.  Please note that the prices below may change without notice

Cars - Taxis

Vientiane has a number of rather old taxis. They can be found at Wattay Airport, the Friendship Bridge and at the Morning Market.  Taxi drivers will be quite happy to let you charter their cars for the day.  Fares will vary, but the cost from the Bridge to Vientiane, and from the city centre to Wattay Airport is fairly standard. Your hotel can arrange a taxi for you - but this will usually be more expensive than hiring one yourself

There are also a few metered cabs in Vientiane - they are not so cheap, but at least the fare is regulated

Example of current costs :

Friendship Bridge - Vientiane $US 5.00

Vientiane Centre - Wattay Airport $US 4.00

A taxi can usually be rented for about $20 a day

Cars – Rentals

Laos has no established car rental business as found in most tourist destinations.  Cars, more specifically, quality 4x4s can be rented, usually with a driver, from a few companies in Vientiane

Asia Vehicle Rentals Co., Ltd

A joint Lao-Western venture can help you with your car and other vehicle rental needs

Public Transport - Tuk Tuks
Throughout Laos you will find modified motorcycles that plough the streets looking for fares, or waiting at bus stations, border crossings and markets.  These motorcycles have three wheels, roof and a couple of benches in the back

There are a number of sizes, some can only carry four passengers, some up to a dozen - if you include those who stand and hang on at the back.  Known as 'tuk - tuks' or 'jumbos', these taxis are better for shorter journeys.  You can take one of these taxis for a journey, or charter one by the hour, or even by the day.  Expect to bargain with your driver for an agreed fare

Private Rentals - Motorbikes

In Vientiane and Luang Prabang, motorbikes, of the two wheeled version are available for hire.  Many hotels can arrange this for you and some shops and restaurants will hang a sign outside advertising motorcycles for rent.  Insurance is almost always third party only.  Remember that in Laos, we drive on the right.  Road safety awareness is nothing like the west, and only a few years ago, there were hardly any motorized vehicles in the country compared to the numbers that you will see today

Bicycle and Foot

Bicycles can be rented from Guesthouses and other places in Vientiane and are an excellent way of getting around.  Luang Prabang has many shops that rent bicycles.  Costs are very reasonable

Traveling by foot is also a great way to see places like Vientiane and Luang Prabang.  There are also some companied that will arrange trekking tours to remote areas.  Visitors are advised that some parts of Laos contain large amounts of unexploded ordnance (UXO) - these areas are well known, but please check locally if in doubt.  In any case, when walking in any part of Laos, as in all countries, stick to clearly defined footpaths and do not stray from trails

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