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1.  Light clothing is the best suggested for travelling in Lao PDR. The laundry service is available in the main cities. In the rainy season, the laundry takes longer time than usual

2.  Lao people dress neatly and wear occasionally traditional costume. Lao feminine wearing represent lao symbol costume called lao skirt " Sinh " which are made of silk or/ and cotton. For women visitors, mini skirts are inappropriate in the offical and religious places

3. Footwear -  sandals are suggested for the tropical weather like Laos

4.  Rain coat and umbrella are available throughout the country during the rainy season

5. For visitors who love advanture tour should bring a torchlight

6. Camera is necessary for tourists to memorize laos

7.  Toiletries are  sold in each province, but they are rearly found in the country side. You are suggested to bring your own

8. A first aid kit is essential and basic medicines are neccessay to be brought. Ex: Aspirine...

9. Insect repellent is important to bring

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