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Destination: Xiengkhouang Province

General Information

Located : Northeastern Laos
Total Area : 15,880 square meters
Population : 230,000
07 Districts
: Pek, Kham, Nonghed, Khoune, Morkmay, Phoukood and Phaxay
: Pek

Located 435 kilometers northeast of the capital, Vientiane. Xiengkhuoang can be reached by bus from Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Huaphanh or by direct flight (Lao Airlines) from Vientiane

Xiengkhuoang is a mountainous region full of caves and waterfalls. From an aircraft, you will observe how large the province is with its vast plateau

Xiengkhuoang preserves a fine collection of archeological riches, including the famous Plain of Jars. The surrounding mountains of Xiengkhuoang are home to several tribes of indigenous people with their colorful traditional dress and simple way of life. This province also has the dubious distinction of having been one of the most heavily bombed areas in Laos between 1964 and 1973

The mystery of the Plain of Jars

The mysterious Plain of Jars is situated about 12 kilometers from Ban Phonsavanh, the capital of the province. There are over 300 giant jars scattered across the misty plateau. The jars vary in size from 1 to 3 meters height and up to 2.7 meters in diameter with the heaviest jar weighting 6 tons

The purpose of the jars, thought to have been carved from solid rock around 3,000 years ago, remains a mystery. The landscape evokes thoughts of the grandeur, as the jars are the last remnants of an advanced Bronze Age civilization now long gone

Hot Spring

Apprximately52 kilometers north of the provincial capital of Phonsavanh in Muong Kham District there is a natural mineral hot water spring in a beautiful wooden area. Some people believe the water from the spring has magical properties to cure skin diseases. Visitors can enjoy a bath in natural hot springs however they should remain careful as temperatures can reach as high as 60 degreesCelsius

Hmong Village

On the way to Muong Khoun District, you will pass by Hmong villages where you can observe their simple daily life, which remains in touch with nature and its elements. There are many traditional activities: weaving, basket making, woodcarving and the never-ending daily chores of farming. On Sunday, there is an opportunity to attend the weekly market day where souvenirs and some hand made products are sold; usually at prices lower than on offer in Vientiane

Contact information : Lao Tourism Organization.
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